About Us


Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, high quality childcare for the children and the community. In doing so, we strive to support families in reaching their goals.


Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, high-quality childcare for the children and the community. In doing so, we strive to support families in reaching their goals.


We believe that children thrive when they are provided with nutritious foods, adequate rest and opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors in a safe stimulating environment supported by warm, nurturing and knowledgeable caregivers. Our program is designed to provide each individual child with opportunities to grow to their full potential.

We believe the child’s family plays the most significant and influential role in the child’s life, therefore we strive to develop a partnership and mutually supportive relationship with each family to promote positive outcomes for children. We have an open door policy for families and encourage parents to become involved within the centre to facilitate their children’s growth and development.

Inclusive Childcare Following Pyramid Model

Pyramid Model is a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices for promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development. Building upon a tiered model of support, the framework provides universal supports as a foundation for an inclusive learning environment, targeted social and emotional supports, and intensive supports to respond to challenging behaviour. Each tier offers strategies for individualizing supports for children with diverse learning abilities.

Our Services

Music Enrichment

Music enhances learning experience. For example, children are more likely to learn alphabet song faster than just repeating from a list of alphabets. It is a pleasant surprise for parent to notice how much engaged children become to music. To facilitate this aspect of learning we have a music teacher coming weekly to familiarize children with violin, guitar, drum etc. This provides an opportunity to children to appreciate different sound and be more creative themselves such as rhyming words and phrases. As an added bonus music also helps in the process of relaxation of mind that make their day more fun.

We offer ongoing music and movement sessions facilitated by visionary performing arts and music school.


Yoga is an ancient art of stretching and breathing control. It helps in sharpening of focus and calmness in life. We provide weekly Yoga lessons to our little one. It starts as a fun activity and graduates to more ‘serious’ level when children start doing ‘flamingo pose’. Yoga helps children to see themselves as an integral part of this world and also gives them much loved body stretch in the form of different poses. Children love their Yoga lessons.


High quality nutrition is cornerstone of our childcare philosophy. Therefore, we provide freshly prepared healthy and balance hot meals for lunch that is prepared on site in a fully functional kitchen by a dedicated cook. In addition, we provide highest quality snacks both in morning and afternoon that includes fresh fruits. We pay close attention to dietary restriction with proper oversight process in place. We follow Canada Food Guide and switch our menu on regular basis. Daily information about children food intake is provided by the staff. We have been regularly complimented on the quality and taste of the food that we provide to children which make us feel both proud and humble.

Indoor Gym

We provide indoor gym (converted multiple use) for days children are not able to spend time outdoors due to weather or safety related situations.

Parent Communication

Regular and comprehensive communication is key to confidence building between us and parents. We have a streamlined the chain of communication that provides current activities, nutrition, visual representation of daily activities and stories online accessed through password protected accounts. We also appreciate suggestions and welcome feedback from parents. pictures and learning stories online.

Google Reviews

Super fantastic daycare! The staff team were amazing to work with and our daughter thrived in so many ways, from feeding to sleeping to playing and mental development. We recently left town and leaving with the daycare was the toughest part as they were professional and family. It’s a very strong team who communicate effectively for the needs of children and listen & work with the parent’s wishes too. I highly recommend this place and will always be grateful to the team for their love and attention to our daughter, and us as parents.

Dedicated, friendly, and loving staff. The facility and rooms are large, bright, and new – absolutely gorgeous. We love the delicious variety of foods that they serve and have been coming here since they opened. UTLDC has evolved and continually improved over the past 3 years and we are very happy with the level of care provided. Our child is always happy and loves all of the teachers there.

My daughter loves this place. From the first day we dropped her off here til now we feel very comfortable of leaving her here for the whole day. Place is equipped with video surveillance and special keys for parents to access the door. We feel safe for our daughter. Food are great as well. I love coming in and smell the yummy scent of the kitchen

We have been going there since it opens and we love the staff. Friendly and easy to work with. My children are happy and never want me to pick them up!