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Safety of our children and staff is extremely important. Staff at our centre is very vigilant towards the children under their care. Regular fire drills are conducted that helps familiarize children to follow instruction in case of any emergency. Staff at our centre is hired with great diligence that includes thorough interview process, reference checks and criminal background check. We also encourage student volunteers to train at our centre to help them achieve success in their career. Staff in encouraged to update their training through various workshops help by professional trainers in the field, at regular basis. The centre is equipped with electronic card access to monitor and restrict the traffic to the facility. Parents get their access card when their children attend the facility with a payment of refundable deposit.
Curriculum Based Learning
We provide curriculum-based learning that is build in the guidelines of Alberta Early Childhood Learning Program. We consult Harvard and Cornell educated Early Childhood Learning Expert to design our program. We provide care from 0-6 years age-group children in the daycare and 6-12 years in the daycare section. The standard based program that we use in our centre is designed to suit different stage of child development and growth. We keep in mind the long-term goal of transitioning children to kindergarten program. We call this ‘school readiness program’. Our Out of School care program provides safe and fulfilling environment of school age children. We encourage both physical and mental exercise through well designed activities based on the interest of these children.
Field Trips
Field trips are excellent way to trigger curiosity in younger mind. Therefore, we plan our field trips based on children's interests and the topic that is being discussed in their rooms at that time. This may include library, parks or special places. Depending on the requirements we arrange for safe transportation or safe walks. Parents' involvement is very much encouraged.

A Few Words About Our Centre

We opened our doors at University Tenderloving Daycare & OSC in the fall of 2015 to fill in the space of much needed quality childcare. We received full accreditation from AELCS in 2016. University Tenderloving Daycare & OSC is conveniently located in McKernan neighbourhood. In addition to catering to McKernan, Belgravia and Parkallen neighbourhoods we are also a good option for the parents who work at the University of Alberta and/or commute to Downtown. We are only a block East of McKernan/Belgravia station on LRT on 76 Avenue. Our is a large spacious centre that has separate rooms with ample space for different age groups of children. We have a well-equipped backyard and we are just across the street for McKernan waterpark (for summer fun). At University Tenderloving Daycare & OSC, your children will enjoy a safe and nourishing place to learn and play with their friend. In addition to our fun environment, we also place high importance on helping children develop healthy eating habits by providing them with nutritious meal and snack options, prepared fresh daily by our on-site cook. Since we opened our doors, we have received excellent support from parents and community at large. We believe that children are much smarter than what we give them credit for their success as there exist inherent potential in each individual, therefore, we encourage children to explore their interest by providing positive learning opportunities. We let the children to achieve their milestones at their own pace. We celebrate their success as our success and not measure it by distributing ‘badges’.


Subsidy Options

Some children are eligible for subsidies that are provided by the Government of Alberta. The amount of subsidy is determined by the household income in the previous year. Please refer to the Alberta Human Services website for details.

Inclusive Childcare Following Pyramid Model

At University Daycare in Edmonton, we employ the proven pyramid model for an inclusive learning environment. Click here to read find out more

Accredited Daycare Centre

A daycare centre receives accreditation from AELCS once it meets their stringent criteria of quality childcare. Thanks to our dedicated staff we are pleased to inform you that we achieved our accreditation status shortly after opening our doors. Now we are fully accredited for more than 4 years. More information on accreditation is available at the AELCS website

Government Funded Daycare

Our day care is fully accredited and is enrolled in Alberta Childcare Subsidy & Federal Affordability Grant program.  Call us now for details.

Our center provides the following services


Education Services

Curriculum Framework

Child Care

Field Trips and Excursions

Physical Activities

Why choose us?

At University Tender Loving Daycare, we offer childcare services that are specially catered to faculty, professionals, and students at UofA.  We offer free hot lunch to all the children in our care.  Our lunch meals are prepared in-house by our staff and are both nutritional and healthy.  Call us now and find out why we are the best choice for a daycare near UofA.

What makes us stand out?

When educators notice children’s interest in exploring nature, people, places, and objects as well as print, stories, numbers, shapes, and patterns, and when they name the connections between these experiences and the holistic goals and children’s dispositions to learn, they are co-constructing early learning curriculum with young children and making the curriculum visible to others.