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Easy-to-change outfit

Children of different age groups have different requirements. However a comfortable and easy-to-change outfit is always a better choice regardless of age. Children who are still using diapers it is especially more useful for them. Children who are transitioning from diapers, or if they are in their training pants, outfits with elastic bands are very useful because they can use bathrooms without much help. Overall, a choice of comfortable outfits is always a winner.

Please don’t forget to dress children according to the weather. Winter in Edmonton arrives suddenly so be prepared to bring winter jackets, toques, mittens etc. during those times.

How about sleepers?

That is a good question. We recommend that children use sleepers when they are in their own bed at night. Children take sort naps at day care so if they are in their comfortable outfits, they will be alright. However, everyone wears sleepers on pyjama days!!!


A correct size, comfortable pair of shoes is always a right choice. We recommend that shoes should be either be with a Velcro or pump as children of young age have difficulty using laces. However, in winter a good pair of winter boots is the way to go.

Send your child with enough diapers

 This is obvious; however, it is also a good time to remind that a healthy stock of children’s diapers is always a good idea. Please make sure that you bring good quality and well fitted diapers to your children.

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